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About WinLocker

Ensuring data security is critical when you keep private data or confidential information.
WinLocker is a free on-the-fly virtual disk encryption software for Windows. So you can safely run the necessary applications and store information. As well as you can lock and unlock operating system.


Easy installation and configuration of the software. It will take you a maximum of half an hour.

Remote control

Block access to your storage. Online. From anywhere in the world..


AES 128. Hacking is possible only with the help of rubber-hose cryptanalysis.


Low file weight, fast command processing and low hardware requirements.

Our Services

The icing on the cake...

Well Documented

We documented every step. We even recorded you a video instruction for installation. We made the process transparent and clear.


Game mode to improve computer performance. Now powerful data protection is without slowing down the operating system.

Free Updates

We will never ask you to pay for using our software. Getting a privacy has never been cheaper. Are you ready to protect your data?

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